Conference and Journal Papers

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Byerley, Moore-Russo, James, Johns, Rickard, Mills (2019) Defining the Varied Structures of Tutoring Centers: Laying a Foundation for Future Research. RUME Conference.

Byerley, Campbell, Rickard (2018) Evaluation of Impact of Calculus Center on Student Achievement. RUME Conference.

Byerley & Thompson (2017) Secondary mathematics teachers’ meanings for measure, slope, and rate of change. Journal of Mathematical Behavior. 

Thompson, Hatfield, Yoon, Joshua, Byerley (2017) Covariational Reasoning among U.S. and South Korean Secondary Mathematics Teachers.  Journal of Mathematical Behavior

Yoon, Byerley, & Thompson (2015) Teachers’ meanings for average rate of change in U.S.A. and Korea. RUME Conference.

Byerley & Thompson (2014) Secondary teachers’ relative size schemes. PMENA Conference.

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Byerley, Hatfield & Thompson (2012) Calculus Student Understandings of Division and Rate. RUME Conference.

Byerley & Gordon (2006) Measures of Aberrancy. Real Analysis Exchange.

Published Creative Non-Fiction

Byerley (2013) Inspiration: Family Style

Unpublished Writing

Byerley, Seyalioglu & Czabo (2006) Number Theory Hungarian Style

During the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Program I turned my professor’s Number Theory lectures into an introductory textbook for the course. Hakan Seyalioglu added more problems and proofs and edited my work during his time in Budapest. The last I heard, the online book is still used by undergraduates in Budapest.

Undergraduate Thesis: Fermat’s Last Theorem, n = 14

I found a sketch of the proof for n=14 in a book and spent a few months filling in the details for my senior project at Whitman College.

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